Speed, Distance & Time World Records


The current world records for Speed, Distance, and Time, are all held by Squirrel pilots flying the CR+. Our friends Joe, Alexey, and Chris are all veteran PPC competitors who have been chasing performance flight for several years now. All PPC records are affected by micro and macro weather conditions, and holding one is not only a symbol of skill and experience, but also dedication – if you aren’t in the air on the right day, you won’t get it, and the more often you try, the better your chances. Chris’s 108 second time World Record, set during practice at the recent 2017 FAI World Cup, is unlikely to be beat for some time. On that particular flight, Chris passed through a very strong thermal and took advantage of it. Joe and Alexey’s Speed and Distance records were aided by wind on a very technical day at CSC, Illinois. Learning to exploit weather and wind while maximizing suit performance is a blend of art and science; we wish all performance competitors luck on their hunt for records in 2018. Full results here.

Cheers, from all the Team at Squirrel.

Blog post by: Squirrel.ws