Meet Joe Ridler: Fearless Flyer & Comply™ Brand Ambassador

When testing the laws of physics flying through the air at nearly 200 mph, you need absolute confidence in yourself – and your equipment.

Competitive wingsuiter and skydiver Joe Ridler relies on Comply™ Isolation series foam tips. The unique memory foam ear tips fit securely within his ears, locking in critical communication from his in-helmet system and canceling out hearing debilitating wind noise that exceeds over 120 decibels (dB).  

“I trust Comply™ Foam tips with my life and that says a lot,” says the Team USA athlete. “The last thing I need in the middle of a competition skydive is a distraction or equipment malfunction.”

With Comply™ tips, he hears only the sounds he needs to succeed.

Like the beeps and tones from his specialized GPS unit letting him know changes in his glide ratio, speed and body position. And the voice of his system telling him exactly when to release his parachute.

“The noise isolation is outstanding,” Joe says. “Plus, the tips are comfortable and very secure, which is extremely important.”

Having jumped out of an airplane about 700 times and counting, Joe understands the difference precision engineering can make. As one of the top up-and-comers, the self-described “adrenaline” enthusiast quickly skyrocketed from hobby skydiver to Team USA. 

Joe won the bronze medal at the 2016 U.S. Wingsuit Performance Cup, and currently holds the USPA Illinois State Skydiving Record for the Fastest Speed in Competition for flying at 181.2 mph (291.6 kmh). He also recently won the crowdsourced contest, Red Bull Launchpad. He conceived what has become Red Bull Aces, a four-cross slalom event for wingsuit racers.