Chris, Joe & Steve on Performance Podiums

Two comps wrapped up this week, with Squirrel pilots standing on the podium again. At the Z-Hills Performance Cup, Chris Geiler and Joe Ridler took silver and bronze, respectively. Chris was just two points behind the venerable Spike Harper, a veteran of the PPC comp format. Honorable mention also goes to Todd Davis, who worked his way up to 5th after a rough start.

Steve Holden took gold at the Australian National Championships. In Steve’s words: “The C-RACE is a machine! I still don't feel like I'm flying it anywhere near its potential, or even consistently for that matter, but it just performs anyway. I can't wait to keep learning on it and really figuring things out and see what I can get from it in future!”

Congrats to everyone, and thanks so much for flying Squirrel! Cheers, from all the team.

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