I want to see the technology, training, sponsors and the flyers themselves push the boundaries farther than we can imagine.

Jumping out of an airplane and falling straight down is easy. Perfecting the descent in a controlled dive to achieve a world-record speed of 239.4 MPH? Well now, that’s something different. Just ask wingsuit flyer Joe Ridler: “Wingsuit flying pushes your body and brain to the max. You need to be totally conditioned, razor-sharp upstairs, and maybe just a little bit crazy,” Joe explains.

Joe has come a long way from jumping his BMX bike as a kid to jumping out of aircraft to set world speed records. Along the way, wingsuit racing has become his overriding passion, leading him be a part of launching WOWS (Wide Open Wingsuit Series), where he currently serves as the Managing Director.

According to Joe, “This sport is too awesome to keep a secret and with WOWS we are taking the it to a new level for the majority of skilled pilots out there, who don't have sponsors and internet fame. I want to see the technology, training and sponsors help us pilots continue push the boundaries further than we thought possible yesterday.

I found something I am passionate about that keeps me super stoked on life, and I get to do it. I mean, what more could I ask for?"